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Saturday, 28 November 2015

7513 N884AS in Expressjet c/s at Dallas/Fort Worth

Looking rather nice in the Expressjet house colour scheme, N884AS is seen below at Dallas/Fort Worth.

MSN 7513 - CRJ-200ER N884AS
Expressjet Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Nov-2015
Ben Beyers Photo

Friday, 27 November 2015

7236 N830AS Sold to Avmax, 7466 EC-HSH Returns from Painting in Montpellier

7236 - CRJ-200ER N830AS U.S. Bank Trustee, Boston, MA (Expressjet Airlines)

Sold to Avmax Group Inc., Calgary, AB Nov-2015

MSN 7236 - CRJ-200ER N830AS
Expressjet Airlines
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 19-Jun-2015
Dave Wood Photo

7466 - CRJ-200ER EC-HSH Air Nostrum, Valencia

Flew Montpellier - Valencia 27-Nov-2015 after painting into Sol Lineas Aéreas c/s

South African based ACMI provider CemAir's CRJ-100ER ZS-CMD is seen below at Lusaka, operating for Zambia's Proflight. ZS-CMD was originally delivered to Comair in the U.S. back in 1996.

MSN 7140 - CRJ-100ER ZS-CMD
Proflight Zambia (CemAir)
Lusaka, Zambia Nov-2015
Shoney359 Photo

Thursday, 26 November 2015

7466 EC-HSH to Montpellier for Painting, 8081 C-GZJA to Air Georgian, 19043 Cancelled to Indonesia

7466 - CRJ-200ER EC-HSH Air Nostrum, Valencia

Flew Valencia - Montpellier 25-Nov-2015 for painting in Sol Lineas Aéreas c/s.

8018 - CRJ-200ER C-GZJA Jazz Aviation LP, Halifax, NS

Registration cancelled 16-Nov-2015 on transfer to Air Georgian Ltd., Mississauga, ON; aircraft is not officially registered to Air Georgian as yet, however it is in service.

MSN 8018 - CRJ-200ER C-GZJA
Toronto-Pearson, ON 05-Jun-2014
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

19043 - CRJ-1000 C-.......  Bombardier Inc., Montréal. QC

Registration cancelled 24-Nov-2015; for Garuda Indonesia as PK-GRS

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

15382 - N579NN Delivered to Dayton for PSA

15382 - CRJ-900 N579NN American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX (PSA Airlines, Dayton, OH)

Flew Mirabel, QC - Dayton, OH 24-Nov-2015 on delivery to PSA Airlines, as JIA9935

Monday, 23 November 2015

7033 JA02RJ Imported to Canada as C-GNXQ

7033 - CRJ-100LR C-GNXQ Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB

Registered 23-Nov-2015, ex JA02RJ (see blog entry for 16-Nov-2015)

15382 - C-GZUQ Cancelled to U.S.A. for PSA

15382 - CRJ-900 C-GZUQ Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registration cancelled 20-Nov-2015 to U.S.A. as N579NN for PSA Airlines Inc., Dayton, OH

Jazz Aviation CRJ-200 C-GKEP is seen below on departure from Val d'Or, QC on 21-Nov-2015 while subbing for a DHC-8-100.

MSN 7303 - CRJ-200ER C-GKEP
Jazz Aviation
Val d'Or, QC 21-Nov-2015
Jean-Philippe Richard Photo

Saturday, 21 November 2015

7104 OY-RJG Cancelled to Canada, 15117 EC-JZV at Copenhagen for SAS

7104 - CRJ-100LR OY-RJG Cimber A/S, Sønderborg

Registration cancelled 19-Nov-2015 and officially imported to Canada 20-Nov-2015. The aircraft is seen below at Billund, courtesy of XFWSpot.

MSN 7104 - CRJ-100LR OY-RJG
Cimber A/S
Billund, Denmark 15-Apr-2014
XFWSpot Photo

Seen below is Air Nostrum CRJ-900 EC-JZV which is currently operating on wet-lease to Scandinavian Airlines. This aircraft had previously been operating for Binter Canarias prior to returning to Air Nostrum in May 2015.

MSN 15117 - CRJ-900 EC-JZV
Air Nostrum (Scandinavian Airlines)
Copenhagen, Denmark 17-Nov-2015
Invader26 Photo

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

7487 N863AS in Tucson

A nice shot from Bill Word in Tucson of Skywest CRJ-200ER N863AS, in the old American Eagle colours.

Registration: N863AS
Type/MSN: Canadair CRJ-200ER 7487
Operator: Skywest Airlines
Location & Date: Tucson, AZ 02-Nov-2015
 Bill Word

Monday, 16 November 2015

15382 C-GZUQ Goes for a trip to the Pacific Northwest..and back

15382 - CRJ-900 C-GZUQ Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Flew Mirabel, QC - Downsview, ON - Portland OR 13-Nov-2015, Portland, OR - Seattle, WA 14-Nov-2015, and then Seattle, WA - Hamilton, ON - Downsview, ON - Mirabel, QC 16-Nov-2015 as BBA982.  The aircraft is in full American Eagle c/s, and is seen below in a very nice shot courtesy of
Reinhard Zinabold in Hamilton.

MSN 15382 - CRJ-900 C-GZUQ
Bombardier (PSA Airlines)
Hamilton, ON 16-Nov-2015
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

7033 JA02RJ Acquired by Avmax

7033 - CRJ-100LR JA02RJ Ibex Airlines, Tokyo (Sojitz Canada Corp., Toronto, ON)

Sold to Avmax Group, Calgary, AB Nov-2015

MSN 7033 - CRJ-100LR JA02RJ
Ibex Airlines
Osaka, Japan 21-Aug-2011
Kentaro Iemoto Photo

Afghan Jet CRJ-200 YA-AJH at Maastricht Aachen

Afghan Jet International
Maastricht, Netherlands 16-Nov-2015
Bjorn Van der Velpen Photo

Friday, 13 November 2015

8103 C-GSLL Moves to Skycharter, 10006 ZS-TBE Departs South Africa Returning to Lessor

8103 - Challenger 850 C-GSLL Image Air Charter, Mississauga, ON

Registered to Skycharter Ltd., Mississauga, ON 13-Nov-2015

MSN 8103 - Challenger 850 C-GSLL
Image Air Charter
Saskatoon, SK
King F. Hui Photo

10006 - CRJ-701 ZS-TBE South African Express, Johannesburg

Departed Johannesburg 10-Nov-2015 returning to Hop!/Brit Air after lease. Aircraft is available for sale, along with MSN 10007 as well.

MSN 10006 CRJ-701 ZS-TBE
South African Express
George, South Africa 23-Dec-2013
Bob Adams Photo

Monday, 9 November 2015

7078 C-FVKN Delivered to MCS Aerocarga, 7350 5Y-WWR Leased to Sudan Airways

MSN 7078 is seen below after arrival at Queretaro on Saturday, in the full colours of MCS Aerocarga. This becomes the third CRJ Package Freighter conversion to be operated by MCS, all three aircraft were formerly operated by Jazz Aviation, and were upgraded to 200ER(PF) standard by Avmax.

MSN 7078 - CRJ-200ER(PF) C-FVKN
MCS Aerocarga S.A.
Queretaro, Mexico 07-Nov-2015
Mauricio Velázques/Mexico Air Spotter Photo

Sudan Airways has wet-leased CRJ-200ER 5Y-WWR (MSN 7350) from DAC Aviation, and the aircraft is being used primarily on domestic flights from Khartoum.

Sudan Airways also operated three leased Airbus A320's and three locally owned Fokker 50's.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

7078 C-FVKN Departs Great Falls to Queretaro, Mexico on Delivery

7078 - CRJ-200ER (PF) C-FVKN Avmax Aircraft Leasing, Calgary, AB

Has this afternoon (07-Nov-2015) departed Great Falls, MT en route for Queretaro, Mexico on delivery. The aircraft had been converted to Packaged Freighter configuration, using the Cascade Aerospace kit earlier this year. It flew from Calgary, AB to Great Falls, MT on 26-Sep-2015.

CRJ-700/900 Operator Estonian Air Ceases Operations

Following a lengthy investigation by the European Commission, Estonian Air has been ordered to repay €85 million (plus interest) in state aid, and will no longer be able to receive an additional €40 million in restructuring aid.

The Commission has investigated state aid to many carriers in the past years with favorable rulings for companies such as Adria Airways, AirBaltic, Air Malta, Czech Airlines and LOT, while the requirement to repay caused the collapse of Hungary's Malev, and Cyprus Airways.

As a result of this ruling Estonian Air will cease operations tomorrow, 08-Nov-2015

In preparation for the expected outcome of the investigation, the Estonian government has formed a new holding company, Nordic Aviation. The new company will commence services on 08-Nov-2015 using the AOC of Slovenia's Adria Airways, and aircraft chartered from Adria, bmi regional, NextJet, Trade Air and Carpatair.

Estonian operated three CRJ-900's, as well as two recently acquired CRJ-701's.

MSN 15261 - CRJ-900 ES-ACB
Estonian Air
Tallinn, Estonia 27-Jan-2011
Rotate270 Photo

Friday, 6 November 2015

15381 N578NN Registered to American, Kingman Storage Update

15381 - CRJ-900 N578NN American Airlines Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Registered 05-Nov-2015 for operation by PSA Airlines, Dayton, OH. I have not seen a delivery flight for this one as yet; the previous aircraft (15380 N577NN) departed to Dayton on 04-Nov-2015.

Kingman, Arizona Storage Update

MSN 7146 - CRJ-100ER N973CA
Golden Mile Aircraft Leasing
Kingman, AZ 22-Oct-2013
Andrew Caldwell Photo

With thanks to Cactuswings, below is a summary of the CRJ-100/200 storage situation in Kingman, Arizona from about three weeks ago (19-Oct-2015). The aircraft below are listed in registration number order, and total 127 aircraft, all of which come from the Delta Connection operators.

N447CA Canadair CRJ-200ER (7552)                                   
N528CA Canadair CRJ-200ER (7841)
N680BR Canadair CRJ-200ER (7679)
N681BR Canadair CRJ-200ER (7680)
N682BR Canadair CRJ-200ER (7691)
N683BR Canadair CRJ-200ER (7692)
N684BR Canadair CRJ-200ER (7708)
N716CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7250)
N721CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7259)
N739CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7273)
N784CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7319)
N786CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7333)
N797CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7344)
N805AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8005)
N810CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7370)
N812AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8012)
N812CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7381)
N813AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8013)
N814CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7387)
N815CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7397)
N821AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8021)
N823AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8023)
N824AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8024)
N825AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8025)
N826AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8026)
N827AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8027)
N829AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8029)
N830AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8030)
N831AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8031)
N839AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8039)
N841AY Canadair CRJ-200LR (8041)
N940CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7048)
N958CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7111)
N959CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7116)
N960CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7117)
N962CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7123)
N964CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7129)
N965CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7131)
N966CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7132)
N967CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7134)
N970EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7527)
N971EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7528)
N972EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7534)
N973CA Canadair CRJ-100ER (7146)
N973EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7575)
N974EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7594)
N976EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7601)
N977EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7720)
N978EV Canadair CRJ-200ER (7723)
N8390A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7390)
N8409N Canadair CRJ-200LR (7409)
N8412F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7412)
N8416B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7416)
N8423C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7423)
N8432A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7432)
N8444F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7444)
N8458A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7458)
N8475B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7475)
N8477R Canadair CRJ-200LR (7477)
N8488D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7488)
N8492C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7492)
N8495B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7495)
N8501F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7501)
N8505Q Canadair CRJ-200LR (7505)
N8506C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7506)
N8515F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7515)
N8516C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7516)
N8525B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7525)
N8532G Canadair CRJ-200LR (7532)
N8533D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7533)
N8541D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7541)
N8543F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7543)
N8554A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7554)
N8560F Canadair CRJ-200LR (7560)
N8577D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7577)
N8580A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7580)
N8587E Canadair CRJ-200LR (7587)
N8588D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7588)
N8598B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7598)
N8604C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7604)
N8611A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7611)
N8623A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7623)
N8631E Canadair CRJ-200LR (7631)
N8646A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7646)
N8659B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7659)
N8665A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7665)
N8672A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7672)
N8673D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7673)
N8674A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7674)
N8683B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7683)
N8688C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7688)
N8694A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7694)
N8696C Canadair CRJ-200LR (7696)
N8698A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7698)
N8709A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7709)
N8710A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7710)
N8718E Canadair CRJ-200LR (7718)
N8733G Canadair CRJ-200LR (7733)
N8736A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7736)
N8745B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7745)
N8747B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7747)
N8751D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7751)
N8758D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7758)
N8771A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7771)
N8775A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7775)
N8783E Canadair CRJ-200LR (7783)
N8790A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7790)
N8794B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7794)
N8797A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7797)
N8800G Canadair CRJ-200LR (7800)
N8808H Canadair CRJ-200LR (7808)
N8836A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7836)
N8837B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7837)
N8855A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7855)
N8886A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7886)
N8888D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7888)
N8896A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7896)
N8908D Canadair CRJ-200LR (7908)
N8914A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7914)
N8918B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7918)
N8921B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7921)
N8928A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7928)
N8936A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7936)
N8943A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7943)
N8948B Canadair CRJ-200LR (7948)
N8971A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7971)
N8894A Canadair CRJ-200LR (7894)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

7363 & 7379 Restored to U.S. Register, 15380 N577NN Registered to American Airlines

7363 - CRJ-200ER N873TM Southern Aircraft Consultancy, Bungay, UK (Regional One Worldwide Services)

Registered 04-Nov-2015; this aircraft was originally registered to Southern Aircraft Consultancy on 12-May-2015, and cancelled 14-Sep-2015 for export to Peru (for Star Peru). Given the restoration to the U.S. register, has the lease in Peru fallen through?

The aircraft is seen below in Apr-2015 passing through Prestwick, from storage in Morlaix, and departing to Keflavík, courtesy of Andrew Caldwell

MSN 7363 - CRJ-200ER N873TM
Regional One Worldwide Services
Prestwick, Scotland 17-Apr-2015
Andrew Caldwell Photo

7379 - CRJ-200ER N874TM Southern Aircraft Consultancy, Bungay, UK (Regional One Worldwide Services)

Registered 04-Nov-2015; this aircraft was originally registered to Southern Aircraft Consultancy on 12-May-2015, and cancelled 14-Sep-2015 for export to Peru (for Star Peru). Given the restoration to the U.S. register, has the lease in Peru fallen through?

15380 - CRJ-900 N577NN American Airlines Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Registered 04-Nov-2015; operated under lease by PSA Airlines, Dayton, OH (see blog entry for yesterday)

BoA Regional to Launch CRJ Operations in Bolivia

BoA Regional, a subsidiary of Boliviana de Aviación is expected to launch CRJ-200 operations next month, with two aircraft. The airline will focus on domestic Bolivian operations from a base at La Paz-El Alto.

The first CRJ-200 is currently pending delivery, and can be seen in the photo below courtesy of AviationBolivia.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

CRJ-200 & CRJ-900 Updates

8018 - CRJ-200ER C-GZJA Jazz Aviation LP, Halifax, NS

Noted hangared at Toronto-Pearson, ON 03-Nov-2015 being prepared for lease return. For Air Georgian?

15381 - CRJ-900 C-GZUH  Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registration cancelled 03-Nov-2015 and flew Mirabel, QC - Dayton, OH 04-Nov-2015 on delivery to PSA Airlines as N577NN.

15382 - CRJ-900 C-GZUQ Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registered 03-Nov-2015

MSN 8039 - CRJ-200ER N839AY
Pinnacle Airlines
Cleveland, OH 10-May-2010
GeorgeM757 Photo

MSN 8062 - CRJ-200ER JA209J
Osaka-Itami, Japan 02-May-2015
Lasta 29 Photo

MSN 7732 - CRJ-200ER EC-IKZ
Air Nostrum
Arrecife, Lanzarote 26-Dec-2009
Allen Watkin Photo

MSN 15031 - CRJ-900 N931LR
Mesa Airlines
Phoenix, AZ 16-Feb-2009
John Creasey Photo

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

7373 4L-TGS Delivered to Kenya as 5Y-CGF

7373 - CRJ-200LR 5Y-CGF Fly540 Aviation Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya

Flew Tblisi - Hurghada 29-Oct-2015, ex 4L-TGS. The aircraft is seen below at Vienna in 2009 in the scheme it carried for its entire service in Georgia, which allowed for quick application/removal of United Nations marking.

MSN 7373 - CRJ-200LR 4L-TGS
Georgian Airways
Vienna, Austria 29-Jul-2009
Dietmar Schreiber Photo

Monday, 2 November 2015

7188 N820AS Registered to Avmax/WFBNW; CRJ & Challenger 850 Photos from Ostend

7188 - CRJ-200ER N820AS Wells Fargo Bank NW, Salt Lake City, UT

Registered 30-Oct-2015, this aircraft had previously been sold to Avmax Group on 29-Sep-2015. (see the blog entry for 20-Oct-2015)

MSN 7188 - CRJ-200ER N820AS
Expressjet Airlines
Chicago-O'Hare, IL 25-Aug-2013
Stefano Benedetto Photo

MSN 7124 - CRJ-100ER C-FXMY
Avmax Group/R1 Airlines
Calgary-Int'l, AB 08-Oct-2015
Avmax Photo

MSN 7015 - CRJ-100ER OY-RJC
Back Bone Aviation
Ostend, Belgium Sep-2015
Nik Deblauwe Photo

MSN 7170 - CRJ-200ER S5-AAE
Adria Airways
Ostend, Belgium Oct-2013
Nik Deblauwe Photo

MSN 7644 - CRJ-200ER 9H-JOY
Air X Charter
Ostend, Belgium Jul-2015
Nik Deblauwe Photo

MSN 8055 - CRJ-200ER (Challenger 850) G-GJMB
Corporate Jet Management
Ostend, Belgium Mar-2014
Nik Deblauwe Photo
MSN 8073 Challenger 850 OY-NNA
Execujet Scandinavia
Ostend, Belgium Oct-2015
Nik Deblauwe Photo