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Friday, 29 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 29-Jan-2016

7277 - CRJ-200ER C-GKEM Jazz Aviation LP, Halifax, NS

Returned to GECAS/AFS Investments V and leased to Air Georgian Ltd., Mississauga, ON; registered 29-Jan-2016.

10100 - CRJ-701 D-ACPS Lufthansa Cityline, Munich

Registered to Elite Airways LLC, Portland, ME 28-Jan-2016; D-ACPS arrived at Bangor, ME on 23-Jun-2015 on delivery

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 26-Jan-2016

7545 - CRJ-200ER N545AV Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT (Avmax Aircraft Leasing)

Scheduled to be test flown from Great Falls, MT 26-Jan-2016

Monday, 25 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 25-Jan-2016

7118 - CRJ-100ER C-FWRT Air Georgian Ltd., Mississauga, ON

Registration cancelled 20-Jan-2016; this is the aircraft that was noted in the blog entry for 05-Jan-2016 as having been seen at Calgary-Int'l, AB on 04-Jan-2016.

7158 - CRJ-100ER P4-VIP TransferVIP Corp., Aruba

Registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT 22-Jan-2016 as N715AV. P4-VIP was last noted passing through Iqaluit, NU on 06-Jan-2016.

7222 - CRJ-100ER F-GRJM Hop!/Brit Air, Morlaix

Flew Morlaix - Riga 23-Jan-2016, this aircraft had been in open storage at Morlaix.

10085 - CRJ-701 ES-ACF Nordic Aviation Group, Tallinn

Noted at Tallinn 20-Jan-2016 in full c/s, with additional Adria titles, as can be seen in the photograph below. Aircraft entered service 20-Jan-2016 Tallinn-Amsterdam.

MSN 10085 - CRJ-701 ES-ACF
Nordic Aviation Group
Tallinn, Estonia 21-Jan-2016
Anna Zveriva Photo

Friday, 22 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 22-Jan-2016

? - CRJ-100 ? - Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Test-flown from North Bay, ON 21-Jan-2016 and flew North Bay, ON - Calgary-Int'l, AB - Vancouver-Int'l, BC 22-Jan-2016.

7286 - CRJ-200LR N77286 Bombardier Services Corp., Colchester, VT

Registered to Beautech Power Systems LLC, Dallas, TX 21-Jan-2016

10052 - CRJ-701 N520JG Joe Gibbs Racing Inc., Huntersville, NC

Test-flown from Bangor, ME 21-Jan-2016 and then flew Bangor, ME - Concord-Regional, NC on delivery later the same day.

The former Cimber A/S CRJ-200 PH-ACQ, which was delivered from Sonderborg to Maastricht on 20-Jan-2016 is seen below at Maastricht courtesy of Bjorn van der Velpen.

MSN 7661 - CRJ-200ER PH-ACQ
SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance
Maastricht, Netherlands 21-Jan-2016
Bjorn van der Velpen Photo

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 20-Jan-2016

7661 - CRJ-200ER PH-ACQ SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, Maastricht

Flight planned for  Sonderborg - Maastricht 20-Jan-2016 on delivery, ex OY-RJL (see blog entry for 06-Jan-2016)

MSN 7661 - CRJ-200ER OY-RJL
Cimber A/S
Helsinki, Finland 15-Jan-2015
Anna Zvereva Photo

10080 - CRJ-701 S5-AAY Adria Airways, Ljubljana

Entered service 20-Jan-2016 Ljubljana - Vienna, ex D-ACPM

15271 - CRJ-900 C-GSUF Suncor Energy Oil Sands Ltd., Calgary, AB

Left paved surface of taxiway, and became stuck in snow bank after exiting runway 35L at Calgary-Int'l, AB 08-Jan-2016.

Storage Update - Teruel, Spain

The following aircraft were noted still in open storage at Teruel, Spain (LETL) 17-Jan-2016. Compared to the previous report from 13-Dec-2015, this reflects the departure of MSN 7220 which flew to St. Petersburg on 23-Dec-2015 and has since been cancelled to Russia again; and the addition of MSN 7391 VQ-BGW (which I believe was just missed on the earlier report)

  • 7114 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGH UT Air
  • 7128 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGL UT Air
  • 7130 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGM UT Air
  • 7165 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGP UT Air
  • 7200 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGQ UT Air
  • 7220 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGR UT Air
  • 7266 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGT UT Air
  • 7298 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGU UT Air
  • 7378 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGV UT Air
  • 7394 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGX UT Air
  • Friday, 15 January 2016

    10052 - N520JG Registered to Joe Gibbs Racing

    10052 - CRJ-701 N520JG Southern Aircraft Consultancy, Bungay, UK

    Registered to Joe Gibbs Racing Inc., Huntersville, NC 07-Jan-2016; this aircraft was delivered through Keflavík 12-Dec-2015 (see blog entry for 12-Dec-2015 with picture)

    Wednesday, 13 January 2016

    Another Exit from Kingman, and 7544 is Delivered to Bolivia

    ? - CRJ-200ER N...... Endeavor Air, Minneapolis MN

    Flew Kingman, AZ - Oklahoma City, OK  12-Jan-2016 as FLG3580. This is the second Endeavor CRJ to depart Kingman recently, another was flown to Clarksburg, WV on 08-Jan-2016.

    7544 - CRJ-200ER CP-2851 BoA-Boliviana Regional, La Paz

    Flew Great Falls, MT - Panama City (PTY) - Cochabamba 11/12-Jan-2016 on delivery.

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    Monday, 11 January 2016

    7220 - C-FOEO Cancelled to Russian Federation

    7220 - CRJ-100LR C-FOEO Bombardier Inc., Toronto, ON

    Registration cancelled 11-Jan-2016 on export to Russian Federation. This aircraft left storage in Teruel, Spain on 23-Dec-2015 bound for St. Petersburg-Pulkovo, Russia.

    7331 - CRJ-200ER N77331 Bombardier Services Corp., Colchester, VA

    Registered  07-Jan-2016

    Saturday, 9 January 2016

    8009 - C-GOJA Cancelled 06-Jan-2016

    8009 - CRJ-200ER C-GOJA Jazz Aviation LP, Halifax, NS

    Registration cancelled 06-Jan-2016; expected to be transferred to Air Georgian Ltd., Mississauga, ON

    ? - CRJ-200ER N...... Endeavor Air, Minneapolis MN

    Flew Kingman, AZ - Clarksburg, WV 08-Jan-2016

    Friday, 8 January 2016

    Aircraft Update 08-Jan-2016

    7089 - CRJ-100ER N416SW Skywest Airlines, Saint George, UT

    Registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City, UT 06-Jan-2016, as trustee for Regional One Worldwide Inc. Lease to Skywest Airlines continued.

    8095 - CRJ-200ER (850) N895CL Averitt Air Charter, Nashville, TN

    To Fabair LLC, Milwaukee, WI and registered 06-Jan-2016. Aircraft flew Nashville, TN - Hartford, CT back on 23-Oct-2015 and then Hartford, CT - Waukesha, WI on 04-Jan-2016.

    MSN 7158 - CRJ-100ER P4-VIP
    Premier Avia JSC
    Iqaluit, NU 06-Jan-2016
    Brian Tattuinee Photo

    Incident Report - CRJ SE-DUX 08-Jan-2016

    7010 - CRJ-100LR(F) SE-DUX West Atlantic Aircraft Management AB, Goteborg (West Atlantic)

    Crashed into mountainside at Lake Akkajaure, near the Sweden/Norway border 08-Jan-2016. The aircraft had declared an emergency while at FL330. It was operating a postal service flight from Oslo to Tromso, Norway.

    Wednesday, 6 January 2016

    7661 OY-RJC Cancelled, 7779 C-FLKY to Novajet

    7661 - CRJ-200ER OY-RJC Cimber A/S, Sonderborg

    Registration cancelled 04-Jan-2016 to PH-

    7779 - CRJ-200ER C-FLKY Flying Colours Corp., Peterborough, ON

    Registered to 2106701 Ontario Ltd., Mississauga, ON 05-Jan-2016; operated by Novajet.

    Tuesday, 5 January 2016

    7118 - C-FWRT noted at Calgary

    7118 - CRJ-100ER C-FWRT Air Georgian Ltd., Mississauga, ON

    Noted at Calgary-Int'l, AB 04-Jan-2016, still in full Air Canada Express c/s; possibly returned to Avmax? 

    7544 - N544AV Prepares for Bolivia

    7544 - CRJ-200ER N544AV Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT (Avmax)

    Registration cancelled 31-Dec-2015 for delivery to Boliviana Aviacion Regional as CP-2851. N544AV has been with Avmax at either Calgary or Great Falls since mid-2015, and was last noted being test flown from Great Falls on 05-Dec-2015.